Friday, 29 February 2008

Off to the Pub

It's friday night so were of too the pub for a few well earned Pints.
One for rons video, one for Doug's Firing, and one each for Matt, Andrew and Hanna.
that should just about floor me.


Matt Grimmitt said...

Five pints of Grolsch, that would put me on the floor too! Have a good one Paul.

Ron said...

Yea, I'd be asleep after two. Man, I'm a lightweight. Have fun.

Ron said...

I've got Grolsch in the fridge! Yea!

potterboy said...


I used to do five pints on a school night, almost every night, on the way home from work. No wonder I'm round. Can't do that anymore though. On complaining as such, my councellor suggested I drink something lighter like sherry instead. I almost fell off the chair laughing... hardly drink at all now, though.

Ho hum. Have good weekends, all!

paul jessop said...

Five pints of Sherry, now that would be a challenge, I don't think even my mother could do that.

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