Friday, 14 March 2008

Glaze Firing Success

I woke up early today and decided to do the Glaze firing a day early, I started it at 7am. "A bit of a gamble", because my two gas bottles were due to be delivered today, so I started it slow in an attempt to eek out the gas until the new bottles arrived. To my surprise!, they kept going and my new bottles only turned up at 3pm. The first ran out at 3.30pm so that was a bit close. The upshot was that I was able to reach 1080 at 9pm this evening. I reduced the pressure this time for a slower more gradual temperature rise. I am quite sure I have reached the right temp this time. Later in the day I found this picture of a Michael Cardew Pitcher made in 1926 and apparently decorated by Bernard Leach. It sold at auction last year for £12,000 pounds. I decided to have a go at making one while I was waiting for the kiln to reach temperature.
As you can see I failed miserably, but I know the reason, my clay was to soft and I couldn't use my burner to stiffen it up as it was heating the Kiln. Sunday Morning should be Kiln Opening time, so more pictures then.

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Hannah said...

Gorgeous jug isn't it. Beautiful shape. Fingers crossed for sunday.

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