Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

OK Two good things first, The Mug is by Jayne Hamlyn, I must have had this at least 12 years now . it sits on the dresser in the kitchen, never used it just liked it. I seem to remember paying £12 for it. The large bowl has a band of Black Slip applied using my slip trailer, I like the uneven application, done with a freer hand, it's all about having the courage to just do it and live with the result. Something I seem to find hard to do, but it was so liberating. If you think it looks crap let me know and I'll just crawl back under my shell.
The Kiln is full and ready for a glaze firing, this time with three new glaze recipes. I'm hoping to fire on Saturday. I decided to hold a few pots back, as I think some of the new glazes would look better on them if the samples come out OK. So to fill a few gaps I've put in some small flower pots that wont matter if they fire at 1080. I've really enjoyed the last two evenings in the workshop playing Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon, hopefully not to loud, anyway the neighbour's are still away. But as you Can see from the last shot, I don't have much room to work in.
You how in the world there is this life balance thing, for every stupid thing that happens on one side of the world something very good happens on the other side.
Well I think this applies here, on one side of the world you have Ron's clean workshop and on the other you have mine.


Ron said...

Hey Paul. That mug is wonderful. I'll get a pot of hers someday. I had a go at shooting some slip out of a trailer today too. Like you said, sometimes you just have to live with it. I think the line looks fine on the bowl. My shop is rather mess now too that I am working in it. If it gets too bad I freak out and have to clean up. Good luck with the firing. I'd like to see an image of your kiln. My little gas kiln is on hold for now, I decided to take down what I had built and make the walls 9" thick. With propane prices soaring,I figured it would be better for it to be over insulated. And I could always go to cone 10 if I wanted. Take care. Ron

paul jessop said...

I know what you mean Ron. later that night I went back out and cleaned the whole place up, so that next time it's ready for action.

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