Sunday, 11 May 2008

Catching up and the Three Nun's

Oh what joy's to be rid of my chest infection. I feel so much better not being on antibiotics.
So I have had some catching up to do, I will run through the pictures for you, 1st, Marion has been busy in the garden potting up my flower pots. Then In a moment of madness! when trying to get a kink out of the hose pipe, Marion shot water across the garden towards a table of just glazed bowls. These weren't just any bowls, these were my best attempt yet at the old panchions. You should have heard the panic in Marion's voice as she shouted PAUL !!!. Luckily she managed to only soak the outside of the pans which are not glazed.
The third picture is a freshly slipped bowl, I just love them when they look like this. It's such a short time, a matter of minuets. The fourth picture is a Bowl I made last year, which I just think is so cool. If I could make pots that look like this all the time I would be very happy.
The next pot, a lidded Jar is a homage to Clive Bowen, I've had a postcard of a lidded jar of Clive's on my workshop wall for the past year as a bench mark. The last picture is a set of three jugs which I think look like Three Nun's. I spent all of today glazing pots and now have a kiln loaded and ready to fire.


Hannah said...

Freshly slipped pots, I love em, couldn't you just bite it!!

Ron said...

Glad you're better. Have a good firing.

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