Monday, 26 May 2008

New Glaze Firing - Opened today

Small Lidded Jar

Large Lidded Jar

Large Jug

Large Jug

Big bowl

Small white lipped bowl

Black bowl white slip decoration

Small black jug

Small jug
This is a selection of pots that have come out of the kiln today. It's one of those firings that has come out OK but not fantastic.
I sieved the strong yellow glaze with a 120 sieve since the last firing, in the hope I could reduce the amount of minute black speckles in the glaze, but they are still there and if anything the glaze has lost some colour. So although they are alright I feel just a Tad disappointed.


Hannah said...

Yeah new pots.Look good.More ore more. Nice wee jugs.

Ron said...

Looks like a good firing Paul. I hope I can get my gas firing to look as good. I am testing some glazes with more a range this week.
Well done.

doug fitch said...


Matt Grimmitt said...

Nice!!! Don't be disapointed blogger Paul they are some nice pots you have there. I get the bits too but have found if I whisk up the glaze like crazy then leave it for a cup of tea and then go back and take a jug or two from the top I get slightly less bits! I expect you do something similar anyway but this works for me.

Laura Jessop said...

Oooooh i love the black glaze! x

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