Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A Close Shave

I Started my Biscuit firing early this morning, as you know I fire using
Propane gas, and my local gas supplier told me yesterday morning
they would deliver me two 47kg bottles this afternoon.
So I began the firing as slow as I could to get my existing bottles to last until
the new ones arrived, I was hoping they would be here by 2pm
both my big bottles ran out, so I switched over to two smaller bottles
that had a bit of gas left in them by 4pm these were beginning to run out
and the pressure was dropping.
The guy finally turned up at 5pm just at the point when I was thinking of driving up to the local petrol garage to get a spare bottle.
That was to close for comfort.
While I was waiting I did make 40 tankards today
and had a good chat with Doug Fitch on the phone,
Thanks Doug ! cheered me up no end.
Marion said it was great to see me laughing so much.


doug fitch said...

Blimey, they look great, well done. Really nice chatting today

ang said...

nicely done, don't ya jut love the waiting...i had the 2nd catchup with our gas spec guy and plumber this week... finally it looks like we'll be hooked up for big momma at the club!!

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