Monday, 24 November 2008

A Slice of Life

I dropped a pot on this biscuit fired dish today and it broke clean in two
at least it gave me a chance to se this cross section.

I did the wording on this order
something I'm not that good at, but the only way I'm going to get
better is by doing more of it.
I sold all my egg cups so today I've made 24 more
And I've got more orders for Tankards.

A cold but busy day
I love Mondays now!!!!!


Jerry said...

"I love Mondays now!" What a wonderful thing to be able to say, congrats on that!

The cross-section looks about perfect to me. Nice work.

doug fitch said...

Yes indeed, well done and well done on selling/getting orders for all those pots. Did you check out that Cook Shop in Exeter? - they have some David Winkley pots in there and there's an Aga shop at Darts Farm, just outside Exeter too - lots of posh folk go there for a Sunday afternoon jolly - it's a whole 'shopping experience' - that's why I never go! Not because I don't like shopping, I just never have any money.

Great cross section - good to see the positives in these things. One of my bloomin cats broke a big Svend Bayer pot that I have the other day and it's interesting to see the section of that one - he's not too bad a potter ;)

Ron said...

I love Mondays too Paul. Often my most productive day of the week. Glad to hear about some sales and that you have more orders.

Hannah said...

Busy busy, sounds good, lovely half a pot. keep meaning to break my big platter completly in two to have a look at that. I know it's not as good as that one though.

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