Sunday, 7 December 2008

Busy ,Busy ,Busy.

My stall at the Shepton Christmas fair was up on the stage so I had a good view of the proceedings, as you can see from these pics. the first one is just before the show opened.
This one was in mid show
This was my stall.
I did Ok
Then we went off to the Royal Smithfield show in the afternoon.

Aberdeen Angus I'm Told.

I felt at home here....

The show had not been a great success for the Guild but I got a last minuet sale
of two large jugs right at the end that made me a happy bunny.
Do you remember the big Medieval looking jug with the splodge
I sold That one.
I had hoped to have a day off today and rest up, but I have two Casseroles to finsh off 12 egg cups to make with names on and 30 Tankards to write names on.
and it's freezing here today and I'm trying to find excuses not to go out into the workshop.
is there anything else I can tell you, before I venture out into the cold.
come on there must be something.
Did I tell you I make pots.
OK, OK I'm going...............

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ang said...

pots really?? what a great way to make a living....hehe

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