Saturday, 24 January 2009

Fresh Jugs & Pots from Cape Cod - What more could a Man want?

This Parcel arrived yesterday lunchtime, I decided to wait for Marion to get home before opening it, so I went back to the workshop and Slipped some Jugs.
When Marion came home we opened the Parcel that was from fellow potter
Hollis Engley from Cape Cod in America.

Two very nice Tea bowls with just a beautiful glaze.
Thank You Hollis they will get pride of place on the dresser in the Kitchen, but I'm sure they will end up in my workshop on the window sill.
I want to show you all the angles
Foot Rim
Crisp white interior
I love the way the inner side of the dimple just catches the light.
And thank you for all the leaflets it's great to know exactly where you are.
if you ever make it over here your welcome to come and stay with us.


RedHotPottery said...


Hollis Engley said...

Thanks, Paul. And you're welcome. I'm glad they made it over there intact. And my pots have never been photographed from so many angles. The invitation works both ways. We have a spare bedroom. Come on over.

Hannah said...

those tea bowls are beautiful, lovely surfaces.

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