Thursday, 4 June 2009

So Much for Money Box Live !

I was listening to money box live on radio 4 yesterday,
they had a special on small businesses.
So for once I took some of the advice and went to see my bank this morning.
Is it just me or are the Banks
trying to make life difficult for no good reason at all.
I shall say no more other than, when I got back to my workshop this morning
I was so wound up I needed to do something that concentrated the mind.
So I set about writing on this Harvest Jug which is an order I have.
I Don't believe the Person it is intended for reads my blog but if he does
" pretend you didn't see it"

Any way it seemed to do the trick

It was the first time I had attempted this type of lettering, but I'm pleased enough with it to put it up here.

1 comment:

ang said...

very nice jug...nah its all banks, they don't work the way we do...

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