Saturday, 19 September 2009

Somerset Art Weeks - Private View.

Last Night was our Private View
This is the start of the evening just before people started arriving.

I Managed to find the perfect use for a Leach Kick Wheel.
The Copper Lined tray acts as a perfect Ice Bucket for the Beers.

Part of the show with Doug's pots .

The workshop area with Jane's wood work

only when it all calmed down did I get a chance to take some pictures.
Tea Lights in Flower Pots
It's amazing how many people love to see the old wheel.
A Perfect Pitcher

A Bit Later On
and a bit later still.
and a little bit later.
The evening was billed as 6pm - 8pm
but we finally finished around 10pm
and then went to the pub.
It was a great evening and a very successful one with many red dots
on pots and metal work.
As ever Marion was the perfect hostess.


Ron said...

Wonderful!!!! Sarah and I talked about how we wish we could have been there last night. Everything looks grand. I LOVE the Stella in the splash pan! Really great for you all to join up and have this event. I think it's so important for all of us to work together and be supportive of one another. The more we do that the more success we will have and the more we can spread the news about handmade work. Everyone wins! Kudos to Marion for all her hard work.

Hollis Engley said...

That looks like a great evening, Paul. We should try to duplicate that over here, though I'm not sure where I'd put the beer ...

Michael Kline said...

I always wondered why those splash pans had little drains! To let the water out after the ice melted!

ang said...

ha haaa! looks like a great night well done team..

doug Fitch said...

I've recovered! Thanks Paul and Marion for a great night!

Anonymous said...

Great to see the evening successful and everything looks wonderful! Wish you all the best next two weeks.
Display your pots in Yeovil, looks fab!


Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Wish i could have been there, it looks amazing. Well done dad! x

Anonymous said...


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