Sunday, 25 October 2009

Back in the saddle.

We have just come back from a restful weeks Holiday
in the Isle of Scilly.
These pictures were taken from the flat that we stayed in.
we were very lucky with the weather,
the idea was to give us a break away from the workshop
so that we can have space to plan the year ahead.
Unfortunately for me I've had a bad tooth ache for most of the week
and it's made it hard for me to concentrate on things.
Still, we have spent lots of time together and come up with some
good ideas.
Now I'm back and raring to go, we got back late on Saturday afternoon
and I've already had a biscuit firing on last night.


Christine--RHP said...

ok, now that's just gorgeous--I need a holiday there too...

ang said...

mmmm cookies in the workshop now that's an idea!!

Hollis Engley said...

Yes, love cookies in the workshop. Oh... wait ... Oh, THAT kind of biscuit.
Too bad about the tooth, Paul, but Scilly looks a lot like the island I grew up on here in New England.

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