Sunday, 11 October 2009

Man of Clay

It's the week after Somerset Art Weeks,
and I'm feeling shattered.
We had a great show and a big thank you to every one who
bought my pots.
100 pots sold in 16 days.
So it'll be no surprise when I say I've been finding it hard
to keep going this week.

I just folded over a lump of my pugged clay, when I thought
" that looks like a pair of legs"
within a flash I had created a new Super Hero " Clay Man".
well it beats wedging.

The Autumn colours are a real treat at the moment,
and Marion found these little chaps in the Garden.
Only 6 days until we go on holiday for a week
to the isle of Scilly, just off the Cornish coast.
I can't wait.
I haven't had a proper holiday for at least 10 years.

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