Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Local Somerset Clay

My previous trials on my locally dug clay, proved that on it's own it would not hold water once glazed and fired. So I have been mixing it 50/50 with the clay I buy from Stoke.

In these pics I have 7lbs of Stoke clay and 3lbs of Local clay. the local one being the yellow colour.

Interesting to see how the wedging process works as I mix them together.
Don't tell me
"there is a face in that"
I don't want to Know!
Any way carrying on

A few minuets later.

and the final result of a 70/30 mix.
The Local clay is much softer than the bag clay which I felt would be great for making a bigger pot.

So here is 10lbs on the wheel.

It was fantastic to throw with, just perfect for a larger pot and it made it so easy.

This Pancheon below is 15" wide.
and the three flower pots you can see on the new shelf system are a 50/50 blend and thrown very quickly as the old guys would have done in the past.

I'm on top of my orders now and it was good to have a little time to play and experiment with the local clay.


Hollis Engley said...

How did you prepare the native clay, Paul? I've had some local clay here, which proved to be a natural cone 10 stoneware, but I just removed the roots and large rocks, dried and slaked it and then threw it by itself. A very funky and rough clay body, but it made interesting pots and worked well with my high-fire Shino glazes. Wish i could get more. Yours looks pretty smooth and seems to blend well with the commercial clay body.

wendy garrett said...

How local is 'local?'

paul jessop said...

"Puckington" about 1 mile from the workshop.
Hollis, it comes from the ground in hard dry lumps with stones, roots etc: so I soak it down to a runny slip put it through a 30 mesh sieve leave it to settle in a bucket pour off the excess water then dry it on a plaster batt. and just wedge it up from there. it is very smooth with a slight sandy quality. but very tactile.

Hollis Engley said...

Yes, that sounds more or less like what I've done, though it looks like you were a bit more careful about removing most of the stones. Looks like pretty smooth stuff.

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