Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pottery Workshop - Telephone

After a very long wait
I finally have a Telephone Line in at the new Workshop
and the Number is
01460 249647

I always wanted one of these old phones
and this classic is from 1973
the year I got interested in Pottery.
I believe it's the classic potters phone
because you don't get the buttons clogged up with clay when you answer it.
and the handset is quite heavy
which means you try and keep your conversations short.
Paul Jessop
Barrington Pottery
Telephone - 01460 249647


ang said...

you get skype on it???

Hannah said...

Tis a beauty Paul, I remember those. I bet the heavy handset doesn't mean you keep any converstations short at all. Happy phoning.

Ron said...

ring, ring
Hello, Jessop Pottery, Paul speaking
Hi Paul, Ron here.
Ron, Good to hear your voice.
Ah yours as well. How are the pots coming along today.
Very well, I've had several customers pop in too and they were in a buying mood.
Fantastic! How about I swing by at quitting time and we go out for a pint or two.
Okay see ya then. Cheers.
Cheers Ron, see ya in a bit.

clunk (hanging up the handset)

paul jessop said...

Hi Ron, Now that's what I call a perfect use of a telephone.

10 out of 10, go to the top of the class, or even better the Duke of York, for a few pints of Thatchers Gold.

Linda Starr said...

I love those old phones, they never break.

Hollis Engley said...

To quote Iris Dement, "Now, THAT's old-timey."

Ron said...

I'd love a Thatchers Gold right about now!

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