Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bread Crock

This Bread Crock has been finished for some time
But I wanted a wooden lid for it.
I had one made, but I wont show you that one.
Darek from my evening class made this one for me

Just how I wanted it to look.
and it fits perfectly.
This crock was for an order, but I'm going to make some plain ones.
I wondered what you thought.

I'm taking 10 pots down to Bovey Tracey today
for the WestCountry Potters Stand
at the Contemporary Craft Fair that's on
Friday 11th, Sat 12th & Sunday 13th June.


Ron said...

That's a first class lid for a first class crock. Well done.
Enjoying your broadband in the studio yet? I have my laptop in the workshop most days for streaming radio, I do get distracted on the web from time to time too :-).
Have a great day!

Linda Starr said...

Looks great, have fun at the show.

Hollis Engley said...

I love the wooden lid on the clay pot. I was introduced to the bread crock concept by Dan Finnegan and Phil Rogers. Not a familiar concept around here. Dan's got a beauty made by Clive Bowen some years ago and I love the whole idea. I do like the concept of a wooden lid, if only so that a fairly rough put-back of the lid won't result in cracking or chipping of the pot.

Kitty Shepherd said...

I love the wooden lid on the clay pot too. The whole mixed media thing really works here, I can just hear the sound it makes as it clonks back onto the crock.

ang said...

nice one paul....whats bread?? HA kidding not missing it at all...they would make great pickling jars too...

bellasnow said...

The bread crock is lovely and the lid too - the colours makes me think of having a big mug of frothy coffee with that bread...and jam. make some more!

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