Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New BP Leaflet.

Not all Businesses in the UK with the initials BP
are Bad.
I thought I would see if putting a headline that relates to a major news story
would increase the visitor hit numbers to my blog.
If you have hit upon it by chance, Then Welcome to you.
I do have a new leaflet,
and Barrington is a very nice peaceful corner of England.
I'm off to the Somerset Art Weeks offices this morning to sort out the proof
for the SAW Guide,
Then over to Johnny Leach's place to drop in some of these leaflets.
I didn't make it back down to the Contemporary Craft Fair
on Sunday to collect my pots, but I am told I did quite well
the bowl with the wording sold
and last night a lady that bought one of my jugs at the show rang me up
and ordered a larger and a smaller one to make a set.
so I am very happy with that.
Please feel free to go back to searching for BP news stories,
but why not add me to your favorites before you go
and when you need a bit of R&R in your busy days
click on me here and see whats happening at the pottery.
I'll do my best to make the world not seem so bleak.


Joseph said...

The leaflet is looking good, my degree show opened over the weekend and a sold a few bits and pieces. Then yesterday I got a phone call when I was sitting around at the show. First ever phone call about business so I didn't necessarily answer with any sort of who I am etc.

Apparently a lady who bought a bowl off me wants to buy some more and is coming in today, unfortunately I'm not in so someone else will be covering the sale for me. Fingers crossed she buys enough for a set.

I have too many jobs to do around the house before the little one finishes nursery at the end of the month.

Hannah said...

hey paul, nice leaflet. Did you get any pics at the fair? I was sorry not to be there this year, missed the good feeling of the place mind you all things considared it was good I didn't take the place after all. all the best,

Ron said...

Looks good Paul.

Wildmud said...

Very "Slick" Paul. We love all the B.P's (British Potters) here in the U.S

Congresburypotter said...

Nice to hear that you got some extra business from the WPA stand sale!

Thanks for the Trago Mills bin images, but I think I'll stick to the incinerator type bin with the chimney as we're wood firing rather than using gas, and that might make a difference to the draw. Let me know how you get on with your raku project!

Norma Graham said...

Looks good Paul.

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