Friday, 4 February 2011

New pots.

These are the slipped pots I decorated
this morning.
The one on the left was a trial, the middle one
my attempt that I was not happy with
It only goes to show that some designs only lend themselves
to a certain size.
That's what decoration is all about,
That instinctive feel of knowing what looks right.
and the one on the right is me crawling back
under my stone and saying that's all it needs.
To me this one feels and looks much better.
This bowl was not as good as I would have liked
but the only way forward is more practice. 
My Kiln had cooled down very quickly in this cold weather
so I was able to open it this morning. 
This is the entire kiln load on the table. 
the lids are for pots already made. 
This is one of the new pancheons, made with a mix of local clay. 
one of the finished salt pigs. 
and my larger baking or serving dish. 
and this large bread crock which has been made to order
with an old fashioned style wooden lid.


Jay Wiese said...

Good stuff, Paul- Classic English slipware vibe, well-executed.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Paul, they look fantastic- good, sturdy pottery and beautiful to look at :)

Ron said...

Nice looking pots Paul.

Hollis Engley said...

you're turning out some great pots, Paul. I love the salt pigs. A restaurant chef friend of mine bought a rough and deep shino-glazed pot at Christmas to use, he said, as a "salt pig." But you're are far classier.

Brown said...

Good stuff, Paul- Classic English slipware vibe, well-executed.

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