Saturday, 3 December 2011

Dunster Castle Candlelight Day One.

Well we have survived the first Night at Dunster Castle
It's a great place for a show.
But an awkward space to make work
it's only just over 5ft wide
with an uneven cobbled floor and very difficult to light. 
as you can see you could almost do with a torch at the front of the stand.
( that's not a bad Idea ) 
The back of the stand is bright enough
I've put a slice of tree we had in the garden over the top of
the water trough at the back so we can use the space. 
Plenty of people we worked it out to be about 200 per hour
You can tell we were once both sales reps.
Sales got off to a storming start, but then fell away a bit
but we did OK 
I took a short break later on and walked through the town. 
It was drizzling but still had a great feel about it. 
all the houses and shops have candles in the windows
and there is loads of places to eat and drink.
we are there again today Saturday 3rd December
from 1pm - 9.30pm.
Come on Down.


Ron said...

Wow, what a neat place. I wish we had castles here.

smartcat said...

For all the hassles of set up, it looks wonderful. And what Ron said!

Hannah said...

Looks really lovely. Hope it goes well for the second day.

Hollis Engley said...

Nothing like a romantic English Christmas. very cool, Paul.

Anna said...

Beautiful! SO festive and love that historical sense in the candlelight.

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