Friday, 15 February 2008

Busy Day

One of those days, when I just felt like getting into it. I have an Idea of a large bread bin that will be decorated on the outside, this one is about 15 inches wide and 9 inches tall. I last made one of these when I was 17 and I remembered it took 14lbs of clay, so I started with that and this was the result. One of my jugs was effected by frost so I cut it in half to see what the wall was like, I was quite happy with this. I made some bowls as I am trying to make some basic stock Items. I then decorated some of my new style mugs, which I am very pleased with. It's friday so we're off to the pub for a few well earned Pints of Grolsch.


potterboy said...

That jug's nicely thrown - good work. I wish I could get that kind of eveness of thickness (hmmm... too many ness'es there, me thinks.)

I like the tree/hill pattern too - rather reminiscent of something by Clarice Cliff, almost. I've been trying to work out whether you're a full time potter - your trip to York suggests not - but are you part time or just on-the-side?

paul jessop said...

Hi Potter Boy, I have been a full time potter in the past back in the early Eighties. Needless to say I was to young and inexperienced and made no money at all, but they were some of the happiest times I have ever had working all hours. On a Monday morning I would be in my workshop at 6.30am. In all the time since then I had got Married had Three daughters and all the stuff that comes with a family. Now 25 years down the line, I am divorced and living with my new partner Marion, who happens to be" practically perfect in every way," as mary poppins would say. and This time my aim is to become a full time potter again for the rest of my days. But I'm still employed and trying to build up some kind of respect within the Pottery world.

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