Sunday 16 August 2020

Far more than just a pottery!

Over the past months the Pottery seems to have evolved into something 
far greater than I ever imagined!
If ever there was a week that summed this up
It was last week!
The week started with lessons in on our 6th Wedding anniversary 
not something we had planned but we made the most of it and enjoyed our day.

The day was greatly boosted by these two lovely people 
Matthew & Louise
They had been in for a pottery lesson with us 3 weeks earlier and had come to collect their pots! 
but what Louise was totally unaware of
was Matt had arranged with Marion a little surprise.

They went off into the grounds of Barrington Court 
for a picnic and to unwrap their pots 
One of which had a very special message on.

We were so pleased when they came back in to the pottery
to thank us
and confirm that She said Yes!
We felt so very honoured to be apart of this very special occasion.

Earlier in the week we had watched in horror at the devastating explosion In Beirut and as more information came out about the sheer devastation and lack of funds I looked for a way we could possibly offer a small amount of help.

I had been following this bakery in Beirut on Instagram @maviabakery it’s set up to support Sirian refugees and to empower women, 
and when I saw this post came up with the idea of offering one of our Pancheons 
as a raffle prize to raise funds.
It was a quick turn around to raise funds quickly 
and in just two days we raised £210
which was sent on the Monday morning.
The winner of the Pancheon was Tibi Weir and it’s on it’s way to it’s new home!

We had for a long time been trying to find time to visit my three daughters and the grandkids, but it was fast becoming an impossible task as work in the pottery really has taken off, with orders for 3 new customers all wanting pots at the same time!
So the decision was made to grab an extra day off and make the two day round trip
Seeing all three girls, young Lily and Hamish.
It only happened to be the two warmest days of the year and although my car was working great
having just had a full service & mot the air con still wasn’t working 🥵
but it was great to see them!
We managed to grab an evening of R&R in Bury st Edmunds 
which we thoroughly enjoyed. What a lovely place.

After an almost 5 hour drive back home
We were back in the workshop the next morning 
Followed by a Taster session group of four on Friday 
And a full day lesson with these three on Saturday!
For us at least the quiet simple pace of lockdown 
Is already a thing of the past!
We really do have to keep motoring on and try and catch up on the 107 lessons that were postponed due to Covid-19.
Finding time to write the blog on a Sunday morning feels like a light relief before I open up the showroom again later today 12 - 4pm,
but if ever a pottery felt like more than just a pottery
this last week proved it!
Support your local potter
and enjoy your week.


gz said...

A lovely surprise! Glad she said yes!!
That was some travelling for a visit, but worthwhile.
Good to see you back in the swing of things

angela walford said...

Looking good Paul and Marion, stay safe you guys have had it tough, great to see you back st Barrington! :D cheers ang

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