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Are we not all in truth two people

The private self and  the one the world demands to see? For over a year now I have been quietly working away on some new slips and glazes that I feel will move my work on to the next level. I’ve always been able to see a next level in my mind but found myself too busy with my current workload  to develop the ideas towards it! Something I’ve know for a long time, that has been eating away at me and my private self. As a consequence my work has suffered and most noticeably myself, but this past year I feel as if the world has been spinning at a far more comfortable pace. With many disappointments along the way it feels like a huge achievement  when you finally open the kiln door to find a combination  that actually works as it should do in your mind on a number of levels! I sat down earlier this evening to put together one of my  #madewithRipl posts on social media to ask my followers a Poll question  as to should I change one of my long standing colours? But, as I was putting it togethe

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