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The Loss of a Friend in the Pottery world.

With the sad news that Phil Rogers had died just before Christmas  I started to write a blog about him and his influence over me as a potter since as early as I can remember!  Then I began to see all the other people writing about him and I was overwhelmed by the many wonderful things people said about him? What more could I add to that, he was in all ways a giant in the pottery world!  We even added another brown jug to our collection from  the Goldmark Gallery  I’ve often had Phil’s videos playing in my workshop as a source of both information and inspiration  But instead of mourning his loss and feeling glum, I’m going to count myself lucky that I got to know him and can count him as a friend. When Marion bought me the jug 4 years ago I put a picture on Face ache of me proudly holding it and Phil commented “ I love it when a fellow potter buys one of my pots, especially one I admire”. You could have knocked me over with a feather! ( or do you think he was referring to the jug? ) Onl

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