Saturday, 16 February 2008

More Old Pictures

The first picture was taken when I was a Full Time Potter back in 1982.
Look at the pots balanced on the back of the chair, the other end was balanced on the window ledge.
The Bread Bin above I made in 1979 when I did my 'A' Level in Pottery. This is the one I am trying to make again. It had some nice decoration which showed the pottery making process, from digging clay to throwing and wood firing, you can just see the Kiln on the right hand side of the lid.


doug fitch said...

Such a young man.
They look like a good batch of pots. There's something very satisfying about a board of very similar pots isn't there? I must check back and see if they're a multiple of six.

Ron said...

Paul, I don't think you will have any trouble going back to full time when you decide to make that transition. Your pots are so nice and I love your decoration, very personal.

paul jessop said...

Thank you ron, I don't know quite whats going on with me today, I have just read your comment and i'ts set me off crying. I am determined to do it this time. Marion is a fantastic support for me and is very possitive about me going full time. i think it's just the frustration of wasting so much time at the exhibition and i'm tired today.I was out 14 hours on Sunday and 15 hours yesterday. anyway thanks again it means alot to hear nice comments about ones pots.

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