Thursday, 7 February 2008

Ok Doug this is my starter for 10

I found this picture of me at the age of 12 I think. I was hand building some pots. The chess pieces on the wheel head, were my dads idea, I made them and he sold them at work which helped to fund my habit. I think that was my mums overall from work I was wearing, I couldn't fit in that now!!
The second picture was taken in about 1979 so I would have been about 17. The room with the two windows in the background without the curtains was my workshop at the back of my Parents house in Stevenage. The dog was called Patch.


Ron said...

Hi Paul. I came over via Doug's blog. Those are great pics. I'll check in again soon.
Best, Ron in the US

Laura Jessop said...

Hi Dad, the pictures look fantastic! I especialy love the ones of your new pots. More pics please. Love Laura

Anonymous said...

Pot-a-dapa-dopolous Jesspo. Love the old pictures - we all looked like girls in those days. I miss being a girl. How about some extra recent pictures, such as, Paul J gets his front tyres checked at Kwik fit, or Paul J staples some bits of paper together?
Doug Morgan.

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