Sunday, 16 March 2008

More Pictures

Some more pics of the glaze firing. The bowls in the top picture came out ok, but since I have seen the new glaze on the right of the second picture, i've decided all the others will be done in this new glaze. The bowl on the left is another new glaze which is a clear glaze, and it has a lovely feel to it, very old fashioned, I don't think this pic does it justice. The decorated Jar has a bit of bubbling of the glaze, but the colour isn't as good as I might have hoped for. The three amigos in the next pic are all new glaze tests. The one that looks black is actually a very stong Aubergine colour. And the last picture is what you see as you stubble down the steps in the garden while trying to take pictures of pots. ( no humans were hurt in the taking of this shot ).


Hannah said...

Don't they look lovely all laid out together in that top picture. I don't think that jar on the last post is too busy either (says she who would happily decorate a pot until you can barely see the pot for the decoration sometimes!)
Looks good, shame we can't see the colours too well. Glad it was a successfull firing. Are you happy?

Ron said...

Hey Paul. I think they all look nice too and agree with Hannah that the jar isn't over busy at all.

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