Sunday, 23 March 2008

Spooky Stone

An inspired day today. Having seen Ron's pots this morning on the blog, we then took the dogs for a walk before taking a look at Marion's vegetable patch at the bottom of the garden. Where I found this stone with a face. It's just a stone! it was sat next to the path just looking at me. It hasn't got anything on it, it's just as I found it, a bit spooky considering it's Easter Sunday. We decided to give it a home in the Tea Light holder and we have hung it on the arch into the Veg patch.
The big pot has black slip painted all over with white slip trailed decoration. It reminded me of something Michael Cardew might have made. When I went into the house to get the camera I walked past the Kitchen table. I just thought it looked nice especially because they are all my pots.

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