Sunday, 25 May 2008

Who's been a busy Boy -

Well OK, slightly over weight middle aged Man. Unloaded the Biscuit firing on Saturday morning and then glazed it all and put it back in the kiln for a Firing today. It's times like these that you really start to think about the merits of raw firing. I must admit I have tried one or two small pieces and it does seem to work. I think I might brave one or two more pieces next time.
I made all the small flower pots a few months ago, and Marion has potted them up for me, they are trailing lobelia, when the flowers come out they should look good, I'll take another shot then.
Sunday morning and it's pouring with rain today, but I still got up and lit my gas burners.
Barrington has an antiques fayre once a year and this morning we took a stroll down to the village hall. I found this lovely old jug, just like the ones on display in st Mary's church across the road. I let Marion do the bargaining with the man selling it, and she got it for a reasonable price and even better she paid for it.
Back to the workshop now to make more pots and keep an eye on the Glaze firing.

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Ron said...

Nice going, M.A.M.
I look forward to seeing how your firing turns out. I'll be doing another gas firing soon.
You've inspired me and I'm gonna get cranking tomorrow, make a good run of pots.
Good find on the jug.

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