Sunday, 27 July 2008

Four Bowls a Harvest Jug and a Wedding

If you saw some of my very early post's, you would have seen that I was into a Sgraffito design based upon the local hills. When these came out of the Kiln I decided it wasn't the look I wanted.
Eventually I have now come up with using the same design Idea but with a different Technique.

I much prefer this effect, it feels more like me, if you know what I mean

I know this one is wrong but only I know why!!!

With this one I was looking to make the bottom line, but my tool caught the top edge as it went around, but I liked it as it was , no further decoration required. I think this is the big issue with me I like it simple.

Having just said all that, I have had a first shot at producing a Harvest Jug, but these are usually decorated on every available inch. The trouble is, if I don't decorate it in the original style, would it still be classed as a Harvest Jug ?

The bulbous belly was inspired by a look in the mirror.

This was the back of the church at last weekends wedding, you can just see the bell ringers at the back. And for all of you fashion experts you can see Marion opted for the Classic black hat.


ang said...

that decoration could be quite comical it all depends on the purchaser really, bottoms up!! your one funny dude..

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

If I were you I'd be thinking about what My jugs should look like not anyone elses, you are making pots now not then - if you get my drift? Sorry I've been to the pub and it's too hot to sleep (Here in sunny Scotland!)

Ron said...

I like the new deco. That one HAS gone a bit wrong though. Funny. Sorry I had to rush off this morning. Did you check out the new work space?

paul jessop said...

I did Ron, the small workshop has gone , the bigger one willwork out to expensive but it was fabulous.

Deborah Woods said...

I totally agree with Alan. Save me from harvest pots that all look the same, coffee mugs that all feel the same in my hand, etc. Remember the old tradition, and then make the new one (but I'm sure you already know this).

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