Sunday, 27 July 2008

Local Produce Market

This was my stall at the village Hall Yesterday morning. It was the local produce market and only on between 10am and 12 Noon, I didn't do to bad, I sold 7 pots 2 mugs two of the small bowls on the left hand side and three small jugs. The next one is in September and I have been asked if I can go to that one, which I will, I enjoyed it.

I met a man who knew one of the last potters at Donyatt called Augustus Arlidge, Here is a photo of him taken from this book.

I was also taken to the committee room to see for myself the Barrington Pitcher also in this book.

I'm going to try and make some copies as I think they would sell well in the village, The village raised funds to buy this one at auction about 3 years ago, I believe it cost over £1,000.
Mine might be a bit cheaper.

Then we went to a country wedding in the next village called Puckington, where our friends John and Liz got married. Marion and Me managed to clear the dance floor twice in one evening with our dance floor antics. Great fun had by all.


Hannah said...

Hey good stand, sounds like it went well. Good one. I take it Marion did not wear the feathered head piece thing she tried at Bovey for the wedding.
That old jug is rather scrummy.

Ron said...

That's a great dish on the cover and the jug is 'scrummy' (nice word h, that must by scrumptious and yummy combined). Glad you sold some pots too Paul.

ang said...

nice work paul, sounds like a good wkd all round.

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