Tuesday, 12 August 2008

First Full Day as a Potter for 25 Years

Yesterday was my first full day as a potter for 25 years.
The day started with a trip to CTM supplies in Woodbury Salterton near Exeter
a 60 mile round trip, which felt like a stroll in the park to me as I have been used to driving over 300 miles a day in my old job.
I stopped in Honiton on the way back and had a look at the World of Interiors Magazine in
WH Smiths, to see Doug, Hannah and Paul Young's work. I didn't buy a copy because I am now a poor potter and have to think twice about such things.
I came back home and spent two hours on the phone to BT trying to get our laptop computer going again, I got there in the end.
I was then able to get into the workshop and make up the new glazes I needed.
Then unloaded the Bisc firing, Glazed it all and loaded it back up again.
I finally finished at 11pm and went straight to bed, only to be up at 6am
to light the burners this morning.
Why the rush I hear you ask ?
Well I need to get this last glaze firing out before the Yesterday's Farming show this weekend.
This is my first show as a full time potter.


Ron said...

Don't over do it, we don't want you burning out too soon. Kidding.

potterboy said...

Good luck at the show - where is it? (I'm in Slapton at the moment, although heading back Friday prolly.)

Hannah said...

It's a good life isn't it. Hope you're enjoying it. Going to search for the mag myself tomorrow afternoon. Good luck at the show.

paul jessop said...

Andrew, the show is in a very small village called Puckington just north of Ilminster, in Somerset, half way between Yeovil and Taunton.it starts on Saturday 9am and worst of all the Sunday is also a 9am start, following a night in the Cider tent, that's a going to be a tuff call, if you want to see me at my best, visitors should come on the Saturday.

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Good luck dad, sounds like it will be brilliant! Steady on the cider, you don't want to look as green as the apples on sunday! Keep ironing that bunting! xx

ang said...

have fun at the show paul, all the best with your firings..

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Oh, and ive resdesigned my blog, what do you think? x

brandon phillips said...

rush? sounds like a typical day to me! good luck at your show!

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