Tuesday, 5 August 2008

From The Inside Out

I found this article in a magazine four years ago while I was waiting in the Doctors Surgery
it starts off
" It's never to late to be what you might have been"
it's a Quotation from George Eliot
I must admit, I looked around the waiting room and carefully tore the page from the Magazine while trying not to make it obvious to the old lady sitting next to me,or make any noise.
Anyway, four years on I still have the Article, I've decided to share some of it's wisdom with you, because it's helping me at the Moment.
How true was that statement of Myself !
There I was waiting to have my blood pressure checked yet again, while every day I was driving around Central London calling on Architects and Interior Designers Specifying Ceramic Tiles.
I had just separated from my wife and Three Kids and had moved to a flat above some stables on a big Country Estate in Berkshire.
The Article continued " everyone needs to take a good look at themselves now and then just to check they're still happy with the person they've become or are turning into.
Yes your new direction may be triggered by a defining event such as divorce or an illness, but it may just be that your life needs a shake - up to stop it going stale."
Well it Certainly got that when Marion came on the scene.


Hannah said...

Too true too true.

Glad your pots are going down well at the shop. What's next on the agenda?

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Hay let the guy some room Hannah, he's got to find his feet.

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