Sunday, 26 October 2008

Aga Show a Success

The Aga show proved to be very good for me all round.
Marions superb selling skills made all the difference, she just has a way of talking to people and making them feel welcome.
The comments I had about the pots were very encouraging too, people do seem to like the simplicity of my work and the glaze colours.
I'm convinced it's because not many people make Slipware these days, I think it went out of fashion in the early 70's when Stoneware became all the rage.
But some of the older dear's
( I'm sure they won't mind me calling them that) I spoke to said that things just cook better in Earthenware, these are people with invaluable knowledge that I find really interesting to talk to, they were probably cooking in Donyatt wares in the 50s & 6Os and in some cases still have the original pots.

The space we were given was very nice, we were in our own room that people had to walk through to get to some of the demonstrations.
The Fantastic range cooker is hand made in France and could be yours for ten squillion pounds
well OK not that much! but it might as well be now I'm a potter.
I made a few new contacts at the show as well with some exciting opportunities for me to follow up next week, so if anything comes of those I'll let you know.

as you can see I took the opportunity to take a few pictures of my pots on the range.
This is one of my smaller casserole dishes that came out of the kiln on Friday morning.


And this is the Kitchen I will be dressing with my pots next week.

of to the workshop now
as I have orders to make !!
I think it's called Adrenaline what ever it is it feels good.


Deborah Woods said...

I agree with there being something compelling about the simplicity of your slip design work. A lot of slipwork is very busy. That's not a bad thing, but you have given your work a unique look that appeals to many who appreciate that clean look, like myself for example. I think your work is very nice.

Julie said...

Paul, these are really nice. I'm glad the show was good to you. I especially enjoy the second to last photo, the bowl. Really, really like that one.

Patricia Griffin said...

I'm so happy to hear that the show went well. And how wonderful to show your wares in such beautiful kitchen settings! Here's to the power of adrenaline! Watch out: it's addicting!

Ron said...

Really nice Paul. Good marketing on your end, and Marion's too. I see you had the pamphlets out. The pots speak for themselves.

ang said...

hey paul, your work looks great set out on the aga and the dresser shots really like the 1st one, super show out of the box but right in the pocket visually.. have a great week making pots..

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