Monday, 13 October 2008

New Customer - New Opportunity

Today I made an appointment to see the showroom manager at Spillers AGA dealers ,with the largest showroom in the Country.
I went to see him later in the day and showed him my Pots.
He loved them and offered me a stand in the showroom later this month
for the above event.
It gets better, he then showed me a fantastic hand made kitchen which was just enormous
and he has offered me the chance to dress it out with my pots immediately after the show.
How cool is that.
Driving back afterward and feeling good about myself.
I then saw these views on the way home.
sometimes life just feels good.

Still I'm going to have to work extremely hard to get all this done in time
I can feel a few late nights coming on.


Hannah said...

Fab news Mr Jessop, well done you. Our handmade very smart very posh kitchen people are always similarly happy to have display aid with pots. Useful folks to know aren't they. Great stuff.

Ron said...

That's great Paul. Congrats. I want to get some pots on the Food Network. Maybe get Bobby Flay or Mario Batalli some dishes for their sets. Ha. Hey you should check in with the River Cottage people too.

doug fitch said...

Well done Paul, sounds like a brilliant contact.

Patricia Griffin said...

Congrats Paul! Sounds like a great day, and more to come!

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