Thursday, 23 October 2008

Trying some new ideas

The jug on the left is my traditional design, I do like to keep them simple
so the one on the right is a variation and inspired by
that Mr Fitch chap in Devon.
to be honest I don't think it's good enough and I will work on it.

I had a go at making some Salt Pigs I think that's what they call them
I've never done these before.
This is the end result .

and a few more

and this was my new Casserole that I was pleased with until I saw
Doug's cooking pot on his blog.


ang said...

k whatcha thinkin more repetition of the image? or scale? maybe if you define the style you 'ode to' you could define some motifs.....just a thought. you gave ol CR a firm word, do you think the mag is out'ta place in blog world??

ang said...

and cool megga baking pot, looking a little matte though...some of your lovely slip/mark making and honey glaze and it'll do ya proud...

paul jessop said...

Hi Ang, Know I think it's a great Idea that CR have started a blog, I was just a bit dissapointed that people were not responding. So I thought i might stir something up.
hopefully I've got a new casserolecomming out of the glaze firing in the morning.

doug fitch said...

Paul your pot's beautiful, really, thanks for being so kind about mine, but that one of yours is really fab. You're flying at the moment. i think that Aga show's going to be a big deal, it's focussing what you're doing. The leaflet's really tasty. There's The Cook's Shop in Exeter that would suit your work,

13 The Harlequin Centre
Paul St, Exeter, EX4 3TT
01392 258576

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