Thursday, 20 November 2008

Opened The Glaze Firing this Morning !!!

This was one of the most nerve wracking Firings I had ever done for a number of reasons.
Most of the pots are for orders and Half way through Glazing I had to make up two new batches of glaze and pray I got it right.
As it turned out all was well, We had sneaked a quick look last night just to check, and what we could see through the spy hole looked good. I thought by sneaking a look I would be able to sleep better, but it had the opposite effect.
My mind was racing all night with Ideas for other things to make. This morning I woke up exhausted.
Anyway onto the pots
The Egg Cups all slipped and Glazed by Marion came out a treat.

Here is a close up
The Salt pigs were OK,placing them on the edge of the shelves near the flame worked well.

I like this jug its about 10" tall and very light.

I think this type of jug is going to be one of my trade mark pieces, I love making them.

And here is the lidded jug I let Marion Decorate glazed in the new batch of glaze.

These lidded jugs are for an order, the lady only ordered one but I will let her choose which one she wants.
This mug was a test for my new Green slip this time made with
7.5% Copper Carbonate and it seems to have worked well. this mug was also glazed while still leather hard so had no Bisc firing.
I have had a number of requests to make casserole Dishes

Above is a smaller one
This is a large one

and this chap is even Bigger.
So I'm a happy Bunny today.


Hannah said...

Looks good. I like the decoration on your teapots in the last post too. The egg cups are very sweet. They'll go well I bet.

Deborah Woods said...

Nice job. I really like your white work. That casserole is great. I think it has a very modern look to it.

Ron said...

Wow Paul these all look great. Nice salt pig too, I love the bare clay there. Glad all is going well.

ang said...

brilliant, they're sooo posh looking but somehow country!! i think you should keep marion on she's rather good...

Hollis Engley said...

Lovely pots, Paul. Very clean and elegant. You must be happy with them. And I do love the egg cups.

doug fitch said...

Lovely pots Paul, you must be pleased - really good glaze quality too. The green slip looks interesting, that'll create all sorts of new possibilities - exciting stuff, well done

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