Saturday, 29 November 2008

Having a nice weekend

This is a 6 pint Casserole I have been asked to make
when I had finished it I was really pleased with the shape
and I liked the shape of these little jugs.
The weather man said we should be able to see
Jupiter & Saturn in the night sky
so I went out for a look and guess what .
Walking the dogs this morning in the local farm.
It was wonderful to walk through the village this morning.
with people just waving at us as we walked past their houses.
We are so lucky to live in a beautiful village before we went to
Barrington Court for the Christmas Fayre.
Where I found some interesting pieces.
This tile panel was gorgeous

This was one of the Stalls
and I found this big bottle sat in a dark corner

I put it in the window to take some pictures.

Close detail of the neck

and this Slipware jug was in a fire place.
Some days just feel good and this was one of them.


doug fitch said...

You'd get some mighty fine dumplings in there - nice jugs too. Interesting old pots, any idea who made the slipware one?

The planets are amazing at the moment aren't they, I walked home in the dark last night and they were so bright, incredible.

Lucky we are indeed, imagine not being able to walk in mud, or feel the frost or see the dew on the grass - I love England and the South West is sooooooooo English, lucky us

Deborah Woods said...

Paul I had a telescope once, and years ago there was a really good Saturn seeing time, and so I set up the scope and somehow managed to find it. It looked like a little yellow sticker of Saturn. It was the weirdest thing-rings and all.

Ron said...

It's all overcast here so no sky viewing. Thanks for those pics.

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