Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Have a Cracking Christmas !!!

A Merry Christmas to One and All .
My last Biscuit Firing had some of those unfortunate pots that crack
when you lease need it.
Luckily I had taken Marion's advise, I had orders for three Casseroles
and Marion told me to make six
" wise words indeed"
Look on the bright side !
Three less pots to glaze.
I bet one is saying to the other
" well it could be worse - at least were not Turkeys"
The final Glaze firing of the year came out great and all of the pots were
delivered the same day, so no time for Pictures.

Apart from this one extra Tankard which was close to the burner
and I felt had a great look and feel to it.
A bit like a wood fired pot so I'm keeping this one.
Off to make some mince pies and Jam tarts now.
Thank you all for your encouragement over the past year.


Hannah said...

i like that blasted tankard. Merry Christmas to you two.

Jude said...

cheers, all the best

Hollis Engley said...

Nice tankard, Paul! Merry Christmas to you!

doug fitch said...

The tankard's a beauty. Happy Christmas to you both, have a lovely time.

ang said...

noice....lovely bit of kiln blessing, merry christmas paul..

Matt Grimmitt said...

That Tankard is very tasty. Merry Xmas both of you. Have a good one.

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