Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Day Full of Self Doubt !!!

I got to the workshop early this morning, but with a head full of
self doubt, where do these days come from ?
I started by slipping these small bowls, the first three were
dreadful, so I had a cup of tea and sat and thought about my working process,it's all down to me.
So I pulled myself together, put some Pink Floyd on the stereo and got on with it.
With my confidence returning I had a go at putting handles on Jugs
This time I spent much longer on deciding all aspects of the handle, thickness, width, and length
I was happy with this one.
I then turned the lid of this Storage Jar, which is a new design I had been thinking about over the Christmas break. I don't like the rim of the pot, but I like the Idea, so I'm going to work on this Idea and develop it...
Later in the day I slipped it using my Green Slip
Here are some of the other jugs I worked on today
and this is a close up of how well the new shelving system is working at the top.
This is the view from my workshop door
I've decided to take one picture from here per month over the year
just as a record.


Hollis Engley said...

Love those jugs, Paul. And that is a fine view from your studio door.

ang said...

the rim looks totally different when slipped way more delicate...and nice handles paul..

doug fitch said...

Hey Paul, they are some beautiful pots, wonderful generous bellies on those jugs, proper country pots. I like the simple lines of the jar very much too, that's going to be really tasty when it's fired. Have no doubts, you're making some lovely stuff. I know the headspace, I get it all the time too, but there really are some lovely pots there and fine handles too, believe it.

Alex Mason said...

Love the jugs and the storage jar.

Hannah said...

Bet it feels good having pots on the shelves. Looks great from here.

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