Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Ash Glaze Results & New Slipware Jugs

I was looking forward to opening the kiln this morning,
unlike last week when I spent the night worrying.
I had some nice big jugs and the next phase of the Ash Glaze.
This 4lb jug just hits the spot for me
and this Tall green jug was something new for me.

This is the Ash Glaze fired at 1095 oc with a 15 minuet soak
if you click on the picture you get a better view of the glaze
which I think looks tasty in the parts where it is on thicker.
This is the outside of the bowl direct onto the red clay.
and the same glaze on top of my green slip the one on the left as you look at them is the Ash Glaze the one on the right my normal glaze on the same slip.
Time to decide what to make?


potterboy said...

Like all those. Jug forms are lovely - I've tried making the tall ones - mine are ok, but I can't get the handles on striaght, for some reason. But yours look lovely.

So that ash glaze is a clear glaze then? I thought it was white, but you've put it over slip - right? I like it. I noticed the other day, using Ron's mug, that his glaze (which isn't lead based?) runs a bit like that and pools to a thick run - it's nice and quite typical ash-glaze effect. Would like to see it in the hand, though. Pity you can't make it on Saturday.

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Wow, i really LOVE the jugs! Great form and colour. As for the egg cup colours, i prefer the one on the right. (for egg cups anyway), the other green would look great as a mug i think.

Mike Farley said...

You know the King has always been fond of jugs. Keep up the good work and see you soon. Good King Hal

brandon phillips said...

that jug with the finger wipes is pretty fantastic! i'm excited that you've found a way to use that ash in your glazes. rock on!

Anonymous said...

4 lb. jug is beautiful... dreamy color

Hollis Engley said...

Looks like you're on your way to figuring out the ash glaze, Paul. Pretty cool.

Peter said...

The little thumbnail photo on my link to your site of your 4lb jug, glowed a happy welcome to me this morning, and I was so pleased to see the full photo of it on your blog. Your 4lb jug has a lovely form, lively, wholesome, and cheerful. The glaze works so nicely over the slip, with your confident throwing rings and detailing around the rim showing up well. The tall green jug with incised decoration and the movement in the glaze is really special, (and I really like the handle).
The glaze tests are so interesting, and must be most encouraging for you. I assume that the very alkaline nature of the ash is causing the bluey green.
Wonderful stuff. P.

ang said...

well what a step up in the PJ range, oh so nice to get results so quickly, nicely done..

paul jessop said...

Thank you for your comments everyone, Nice to see my eldest daughter checking in on me. I've already decided not to sell the two jugs but keep hold of them as a marker for getting to where I want to be in life as a potter.
(does that make sense?)
As for the Ash glaze I'm in two minds right now, do I experiment more or just keep it simple.

potterboy said...

Experimentation costs nothing. It's not as though you'd be losing what you've found already.

Peter said...

Hi Paul, Thanks for your nice comment on my site. Some time soon I would love to pick your brain about slips and glazes.

Actually, no time like the present.

I usually make a white slip with 50/50 china clay and ball clay and brush it on at soft leather hard stage (or when the work is still on the wheel). Mostly it seems to bond with the pot OK, but occasionally it comes loose under a glaze when firing. Sometimes I wonder if I should be adding a little frit to it to assist the bond to the pot, I just wondered what you do?? P.

paul jessop said...


I use 100% Ball Clay (hyplas 71)
and I tend to dip my pots in it when they are leather hard.
I sometimes get the slip peeling off under the glaze but only on the edge of a rim or handle, it happens to all of us at some point, by belief is that it occurs if the clay is to dry at that point when the slip is applied.

Peter said...

Thanks Paul. P.

Anonymous said...

I did a little clay work in reduction but am now switching to electric oxidation. Your glaze work is so luminesent and clay colors wonderful. Is it all oxidation? Cone? Love the red color to the clay.


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