Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Normal Service is Resumed

I started to feel better yesterday afternoon
and by this morning I was a chirpie chappie again.
MY first thought was to get in the workshop early and crack on with making the pots I have orders for, but today is my one day off to do other things so I've decided to do the other things and give myself a bit more time to recuperate.
I put this small sign up yesterday
because some times I feel like a Zoo animal with people watching me.
It made a group of 10 kids laugh yesterday when they all rushed in before their teacher hauled them out again with military precision
Some of yesterdays firing

I had some more of those tall strait sided jugs come out yesterday
and I sold two almost immediately.
This was one of my favorites as plain as can be.


Hannah said...

It's not plain Paul, it's simple. I remember that zoo type feeling, not my thing at all, very happy hiding where I am now. You could say "feed the potter with only selective hand made fair trade chocloates and fine red wine."

ang said...

lovely bunch of pots paul...glad you're feeling betterer..

Ron said...

and cheeseburgers (if you're me)

doug Fitch said...

Nice firing PJ, well done

bellasnow said...

Hey Paul, I've been following your blog since January and I thought I'd take the blog plunge to say that you throw like an angel. So take heart as your pots feed the soul!

paul jessop said...

Thank You Bellasnow
Thank you very much.

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