Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Post Bank Holiday Post

It's quite bizarre how you think things are going to be
and then they are not!
Two of my Daughters Sarah the youngest and Nicola the middle one came down to stay for the week, then Laura rang and said she was coming too, then we asked my mum Molly to come down as well on the Friday as it was her 72 birthday.
I was working on the Friday and sales were OK.
In the evening we drove down to a small fishing village in Dorset called "Beer"
and we all sat on the beach eating fish and chips.
it was just perfect.
This is Sarah tucking into an Easter egg on Sunday she will be 16 in May.
Although everyone was down for the weekend I had told the court I will be open all over the Easter break. and it was Busy i have never seen so many people at the court.
Lots of PR for me but sales were the same as any other day, where I had been expecting a big increase in sales this was not the case.
It made me wish I had just closed for the weekend and spent more time with my girls.
But if I had and i had then seen the amount of visitors to the court I would have been kicking myself for being shut.
You just can't win sometimes.
So Tuesday morning every one has gone back I'm in my workshop
quietly glazing harvest jugs and I sell 12 pots.
Glazing on the floor gives you so much more space.
Then in a quiet moment I had a look around the second hand book stall next door
and look what I found.
I met Kenneth Clark a number of times in the 80's when he was making ceramic tiles used in the deli bar area of Waitrose supermarkets, he was a lovely guy.
and this was a book I used to get from the Library when I was a kid
it was written the year I was born 1962 and I'm quite sure I was introduced to Dora once when I was a youngster.
So all in all it's been a good couple of weeks, sales are going well
despite the lack of an Easter spectacular.
I'm enjoying my new life as a potter
and it was great to see the kids again.


ang said...

so great to have a full house eh?..looks like the sales will be growers, thats great despite an ordinary wkd selling wise..

Peter said...

The Kenneth Clark book is a really helpful one. I bought a second hand copy a two or three years ago, partly due to some of the illustrations in it. There is a nice sequence of photos of a potter throwing a Cornish pitcher of a respectably large size, that particularly appeal to me. Those "pocket How to do it" books were a good series and seem to pack in a lot of sound advice that more modern large glossy coffee table books often seem to lack.
Sarah's Easter egg almost looks like it has throwing marks on the side, I wonder if there is a future in wheel thrown chocolate eggs!

Holiday weekends are strange here, often hundreds of people zooming past our door on the main road, but usually few stop. We had a dreadful Christmas/New Year through to the end of January when there are the most people on the road here in NZ, but sales started up again as soon as February came and most people were back at work. Best Regards, P.

Nicola said...

Hey there,
Had a list of people i was going to contact to let them know the blog was up & running but you's beat me to it hahaha
I wanted to thank you for your kind regards & best wishes as they were appreciated by us all at Argyll Pottery.
See you on the blog, Nicola

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