Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Banking Rant !!

These two beautiful calm pictures were taken yesterday morning
when we took Caddy for a walk.
Marion had discovered this bluebell wood in the next village and took me to see it.
Very Calming, and the bird song was out of this world.
and now to the Banking Rant,
I've rattled off a few sparky emails this morning.
My chip and pin machine is still not set up with the loss of even
more sales this Bank Holiday weekend.
I've lost Patience with these people now, they couldn't organise
a drinking session in a brewery ( you know what I mean ).
I asked them to send me some marketing so I can let people know I'm able to accept payment by card and this was all I got in the post.
I applied for this machine on the 11th March and still nothing
despite them sending a representative around to see me, and my bank
can't even send me a bank statement addressed to me at my business address.
They talk to me as if I'm a simpleton when in fact I would not let them
look after my business for one day.
No wonder the Banking world is on it's Knees
lets just hope they are praying while there down there.

Pottery is the New Yoga?

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