Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New Pottery T Shirt Designs

My Paul The Potter .com T Shirts
are starting to look a bit tatty now, so I decided to make some more.
as well as remaking the old design I have a few new designs I am working on.

This T shirt Design pays Homage to these to gentlemen.
What Do You Think ?
OK Maybe not Totally PC but Funny nether the less.


Ron said...

Ha. That is great. I'll take one!

jimgottuso said...

funny... i'll have to get some of those shoes... they look like they may be good for plantar fasciitis

Laura Elizabeth Jessop said...

Love it! I want one please! Do you do girls sizes? Or are they all biffer?

ang said...

how cool..

paul jessop said...

All Biffer.

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