Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Working Late Tonight

I worked on until 9.15 today
some days you just get so into what you are doing that you just don't want to stop
today was one of those days.
I've been working on some new big jugs.

These tall green slip jugs seem to be selling well at the moment.

and I have only done a few jugs with the sprigs on but they have all sold as well
so I've decided to make a few more.

I was looking at this jug sat on the shelf today, it came out of the last firing
but it was nice to spend time looking at it today
the jug just looks and feels good.
I think it is important to spend time with the pots when they are finished.
I helped a young couple choose a Green slip jug today
by explaining why I liked one over the other, it was nice that they
took my advice and bought what I felt was the better jug.
This was the sky when I came out of the workshop tonight
sometimes you just have to look at the world and think

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love that feeling when you don't want to stop working, it doesn't happen quite often enough for me

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