Sunday, 23 August 2009

Potters On TV !!

When was the last time you saw a Television Programme
about Pottery and Potters ?

A proper one I mean !
not just some presenter messing around on a wheel for five minuets.

( The Craft of the Potter) circa 1976

I remember this as being both informative and great to watch
but my lasting memory of it was that it was a tad elitist.

So many people are interested in pottery

I firmly believe that there is a gap in the market for a TV programme about Potters

and I intend to make it.
With he help of Marion's Son Nathan.
You may remember that earlier in the year we did some filming.
Well here is an attachment to an edited version of the filming.

At the Moment we have Two well known potters that have agreed to be in the programme and I have one or two still to ask.

The filming will be in High Definition as Nathan believes this is the way forward for such programmes.

we still have a long way to go yet but the momentum is building

watch this space !

If you would be interested you can always email me


Otto said...

Very well done. Keep going like that and it should be a wonderful film .Best of luck.

Christine--RHP said...

Paul--that is WONDERFUL!! very nicely done! Really love what you've both done here, and nice to see you in action.

Hannah said...

Finally Pot Idol. About time too. Marvelous.

Anonymous said...

paul, beautiful film and music and of course your narrative was really nice too. kudos to nathan, it would be something to have a couple hours of these little shorts with different potters. i'd be glued to the screen that's for sure.

Anna said...

Really fantastically done! Loved what you had to say, and the music was of course well chosen! Hope we can see the finished product in the states....

Peter said...

I enjoyed the video, it was good to see you in your workshop, and instructive too. I have been timidly attempting to pour slip on leather hard pots the last couple of days, and it was helpful to see someone do it properly!

Good luck with the TV project, it sounds a really great idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh Paul, that is fabulous! I'm new to your blog...but spent an entire day looking at alllll of your old posts! I'm also new to pottery and you have inspired me! Thank you for you love of this art!

Anonymous said...

Paul, I just had to tell you that I threw my first pot today. Not sure why they say "threw"....I didn't really throw anything. It was a blast and it turned out.....well, ok for the first! Can't wait to try again.

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