Monday, 31 August 2009

There Back !!!!!

Yes They are back on My Feet

and boy do they Feel Good !

I tried with these pimp shoes for as long as I could
but it was never a Marriage made in Heaven.
So I ordered these pair of shoes off Ebay.
I thought they look comfy, smart and were within my Budget.

But What did I get ?
This is what turned up in the box.
a poor imitation I think you will agree.

I thought I would try them on any way just to save me the bother

of sending them back, but I couldn't even get my feet in them.
So the Moral of the story is don't buy shoes off ebay.
I've got 166 pots to make and complete in the next 3 weeks
and so I have reverted back to my old faithful shoes.

When the pressure is on Comfort is the name of the game.


Christine--RHP said...

oh my! how lame is that? what a pain! I once ordered winter slippers off ebay and the seller took my $$ and disappeared!!
Luckily paypal refunded me.
btw--I love those old shoes--so much character!

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Those old shoes ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

love the worn out shoes... down with pimp shoes.

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