Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Richard Coleman-Smith

Another Surprise Visitor Today !
Some friends of Richard Coleman ~ Smith had been into my workshop a few weeks ago
They had told Richard and His Wife Edna
That I was making slipware and using his book as a reference.
Well More of a Bible.

The Book is a definitive work on the history of Pottery in the Donyatt area
with invaluable references and drawings.
Here are just a couple of pages, to give you an Idea of how the book works.

So he came to see me and look at my work.
He was very nice and said he loved my pots.
he said
"if he were not a restrained English man He would have Hugged Me,
He was so pleased with the pots I am making".
That about sums us Brits up.
Yes this is Richard admiring one of my pots.
We all had a cup of tea and a good long talk about pots and Potters.
as you can see I was " Well Chuffed".
Richard and his wife are coming to the private view on Friday.
So If you have a copy of his book
You might be able to get it signed.


Hollis Engley said...

It's great to get that kind of affirmation, isn't it, Paul?

paul jessop said...

Yes It Made me Feel good Hollis.

Ron said...

How wonderful! Wish I could come to the viewing, what fun that will be.

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