Monday, 9 November 2009

Still Under the Weather

This is day 7 of feeling rather unwell to put it mildly.
I've been back in the workshop on Saturday but felt awful again on Saturday night
I did a bit on Sunday but again felt worse again.
Today I have been making the amendments to the Planning application
for the new workshop, that the planning office asked me for.
Whilst going through one of my draws I came across this old picture of me and my dog Patch. she was a total nut case.
I'm not sure if i have put this picture up before but this was me outside my workshop
at home that my parents built for me.
it was 10ft square and had a small kiln and a wheel that my dad built
a sink with running water ( what a luxury )
and a workbench and a cupboard.
I can recognise the cider jar in the window , which was one of the first things I made a college
so this must have been taken in 1978 when I was 16.
My parents put a lot of faith in my interest in pottery at a very young age
something that I will be eternally grateful for.
Look how skinny I was - OH my God !!!.
I spent two years at college and lived of a diet of Sausage and Chips and Chocolate.
it's not surprising to learn then that 30 years on, I now weigh twice what i did back then.
Let's hope I can get back in the workshop this week and work some of that weight off.


Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Your parents obviously saw your natural talent. I too was 16 in 1978... and was a lot skinnier :)
Hope you feel better soon.

Hannah said...

1978, I was all of one, scary eh? Great picture there, hope you get rid f your bug soon. Better rest up till you're better, I always try to go back too soon and make myself worserer in the end. Berroca, do you know them? Marvelous vitamin dose, highly recomended.

ang said...

mmm berroca, apparently good for hangovers......take it easy paul hope the plans come together soon..excellent folks those!!

Hollis Engley said...

There's something like that going around here on the other side of the pond, Paul. I'm recovering, but everyone around me seems to have some version of it. And what was the name of your cute little dog?

Anonymous said...

got the same thing i fear... i'm officially at one week out of commission today

Ron said...

I hope I don't catch this bug by visiting all the blogs! Seriously I hope you feel better Paul. Rest up.

paul jessop said...

Hi Guys, Yep strangley enough I bought some Berroca last week and started taking it. I think it'll take some time to build up, but I liked the advertising slogan
" you but on a really good day"

sorry to hear other people have the same it's a total bummer.
still, i'm starting to feel a bit better now.

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