Saturday, 17 April 2010

Spring is in the Air - If Nothing Else is...

A beautiful spring day today, with a clear blue sky,
It's great to be able to see it as it was intended,
and not Cris crossed with vapour trails from jet planes.
The Volcanic eruption in Iceland is still effecting the British air space
and so all flights are still grounded.

I took a walk up on the hill last night after I had finished in the workshop.
I love it up here, you can see for miles, and it gives you time to think.
Although my first thought was
" now would be a great time to film a costume drama without
the jet plane vapour trails in the sky".

These little chaps seem to be enjoying the weather.

And to make the day even better Malcolm Shepherd came over today
and delivered some of his fantastic metal work for the showroom.
His work fits in so well with mine.

I just love these hooks.

a selection of other pieces.
It makes the showroom feel more complete and I have had a great reaction
to the work in the first afternoon.


Mr. Young's Art said...

That is a fantastic view!
I know what you mean about the planes... they pass right over my apartment building as they are landing. Sometimes I swear I can see the faces of the people in the windows!
Have a great weekend!
Happy Mudding!

ang said...

cool additions the candlestick.

Nu Kua said...

Beautiful pictures, makes me think back of the times i visited Somerset.....Been there twice, last time was 2 years ago, can't wait to pay a visit there again!
I love the somerset country side, the view is magnificent!

Anonymous said...

i'm so envious of that view, that's the english hillsides of my imagination, similar to shots that doug posts from time to time. the icelandic eruption is all over the news here, hope you don't have to fly anywhere.

Ron said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos Paul. I hope you'll get some posted of Barrington gardens as they grow throughout the spring and summer. That place was amazing!!! Love the metal works,nice addition to the shop. Have a great weekend and give our love to Marion.

Brian said...

Hearing how the Iceland eruption is affecting Europe, I keep wondering how the sunsets are there?

Hollis Engley said...

must be nice to be in that beautiful showroom, Paul. And spring outside. Still cold and wet here on Cape Cod.

paul jessop said...

Thanks Guy's.
I am loving the new space. as for the sun sets theres not been any dramatic change. the best ones were some 4 or 5 years ago now when some kind of sand storm came over the Atlantic, the skys were great but the next morning the car was covered in sand.

Anonymous said...

You should include a link to that Malcom Shepherd. It would 1) be practical for all of us who enjoyed these pics and want to see more and possibly order and 2) it's common Internet courtesy to link. :)

I agree, the hooks are lovely, and I so want to order that fire wood rack...

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