Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Official Stockist of Ceramic Review Magazine

Somerset Art Weeks is going very well
I sold 22 pots on the opening day.

I have also become a stockist of Ceramic review magazine.
so come and buy your copy here.
and I'll make you a cup of coffee and you can sit on the sofa and chill out.

I do find these two weeks very tiring, because so many people want to talk to you,
I made these jugs whilst still talking to people,
but it meant I didn't get into a rhythm.
no wonder Bernard is casting a critical eye over them.
Once I found a quiet moment I made these ones which in my eyes are much better.

I've just had the second kiln wired up
so I'm doing a trial firing today with some Orton cones.
Happy Tuesday.


Kitty Shepherd said...

I'll buy one, if you will mail it to my address in the UK? I can post you a cheque or better still trasfer into your account the amount plus the postage. Send me an e mail if you can do this kitty@studioslipware.com

I would rather buy it off another potter so you can make a few pence on it.

Ron said...

I'll be right over

Anonymous said...

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